Oh The Irony

01 May

Happy Hippo Is Amused

Happy Hippo Is Amused

The Hamfosi are up in arms. Mercedes have swapped all the engineers from the Lords’s son’s team to the evil German and thus HE got all the crappy ones from Nico’s side of the garage. That’s why he isn’t winning anymore.

Well, hold it there my mint-sauce slurping friend. Wouldn’t that imply that Lewis’ last two world championships are completely meaningless because his team mate was effectively sabotaged by inept mechanics? By the way, the same mechanics who still knew how to get the job done when Nico mopped the floor with the golden boy three times in a row at the end of last season…

The explanation is ridiculously simple. Like the Red Bulls of 2011-2013, the Merc is optimized for driving away in clean air. As soon as it gets stuck in traffic, it struggles. That’s why Mark Webber was so hopeless. With his abysmally bad starts he usually got stuck in traffic. Guess who has had crappy starts all year – right – Lewis.

And then there is the other thing. Nico didn’t get all of Lewis’ engineers and mechanics. They switched SOME, not all people, and the reason was friction within the team, a ‘we against them’ mentality that can completely destroy a team. It’s ridiculous to see how Hamfosi cook up conspiracies, just because he hast’t won one of the last seven races – ask Fernando Alonso, who was sublime by the way putting that McLaren turd on sixth in Sochi.

Oh, and honourable mention for Seb Vettel: Most hilarious team radio since Juan Pablo Montoya.

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One response to “Oh The Irony

  1. Racer's Ramblings

    May 3, 2016 at 12:05 am

    Hi, Dan. Nice to read something from you again. Was just thinking about you the other day, recalling something you said to me a long time ago.

    “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” – Mark Twain

    I could never take great advice…

    Anyhow, with respect to the article, I’ve come to the realisation that the zealot army of the Hamfosi don’t actually completely process the logical implications of any conspiracy / thought they concoct – collectively or individually. Most of these conspiracies, when played out, are actually worse for Hamilton.

    But you know that.

    So, take care, mate.



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