Sky’s Fall From Grace

20 Nov

The Fat HippoFor years watching F1 was easy. Sky Germany (formerly Premiere) was good, RTL was bad, and Sky UK was even better than Sky Germany.

Alas, since Hamilton started laming to a gazillion race wins every year, Sky UK has been nigh-on insufferable. I could go on an extended rant, but, frankly, this guy puts it much more eloquently than I ever could:

The Roar: Formula One’s ‘Hamilton-centric’ media coverage must end now

Mind you, it is sort of normal for the respective national broadcaster to hype their own, after all they have a certain customer base to satisfy, but the ridiculous hype around Hamilton beats even the worst Schumacher years on German TV.

Back then RTL did their utmost to convince the German population that Schumi could walk on water. If Häkinnen did the same, they grudgungly acknowledged it and pointed out that Schumi does it more often.

With Sky things are different. If Rosberg happens to walk on water, they point the finger at him and cry: “Look, the bugger can’t even swim!” It’s ridiculous. We sort of feel with the British, knowing that they have a bit of an inferiority complex. Their empire is gone and all of their industry is owned by the Japanese, Koreans, Indians and Germans, because they couldn’t quite hack it when left to their own devices, but the sad performance of Brundle during the podium interview was cringe-worthy at best.

So there we are. Not only has F1’s coverage disappeared behind a paywall in most parts of Europe, it has also become ridiculously bad.

And they wonder about falling viewer numbers…


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2 responses to “Sky’s Fall From Grace

  1. RobDin

    November 21, 2015 at 9:47 am

    Can’t agree more, Sky UK is becoming worse every race and now that the BBC are about to stop at the end of the season (because Bernie doesn’t want to change the contract) I’m seriously thinking about switching to RTL or maybe even the Dutch broadcast (even though Max Mania rivals Schumacher Mania and it comes close to the Hamilton loving that happens at the TJ13 forum now that Fortis hasn’t got a Hippo to keep him honest ;-))

  2. Testalozza

    November 26, 2015 at 6:03 am

    We only got the Sky UK feed onto our local pay TV in Australia recently and the extended coverage (all sessions including FP, pre race, post race, red button options) so much better than the previous. And you always expect some home country bias in coverage. But there is bias and then there is carpet bombing and the Sky UK focus on Hamilton to the exclusion of all else is extremely nauseating. I take your point about the German channels and Schumi, I heard much about it from German friends. And also SV too. Lets hope the cycle moves forward quickly to someone else.


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