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Sky’s Fall From Grace

The Fat HippoFor years watching F1 was easy. Sky Germany (formerly Premiere) was good, RTL was bad, and Sky UK was even better than Sky Germany.

Alas, since Hamilton started laming to a gazillion race wins every year, Sky UK has been nigh-on insufferable. I could go on an extended rant, but, frankly, this guy puts it much more eloquently than I ever could:

The Roar: Formula One’s ‘Hamilton-centric’ media coverage must end now

Mind you, it is sort of normal for the respective national broadcaster to hype their own, after all they have a certain customer base to satisfy, but the ridiculous hype around Hamilton beats even the worst Schumacher years on German TV.

Back then RTL did their utmost to convince the German population that Schumi could walk on water. If Häkinnen did the same, they grudgungly acknowledged it and pointed out that Schumi does it more often.

With Sky things are different. If Rosberg happens to walk on water, they point the finger at him and cry: “Look, the bugger can’t even swim!” It’s ridiculous. We sort of feel with the British, knowing that they have a bit of an inferiority complex. Their empire is gone and all of their industry is owned by the Japanese, Koreans, Indians and Germans, because they couldn’t quite hack it when left to their own devices, but the sad performance of Brundle during the podium interview was cringe-worthy at best.

So there we are. Not only has F1’s coverage disappeared behind a paywall in most parts of Europe, it has also become ridiculously bad.

And they wonder about falling viewer numbers…


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Red Bull Engine – What’s what?

The plot thickens – as they the say. A few moons ago TheJudge13 reported that Red Bull will run a self-developed engine that partly includes Renault IP.

Now, I’ve been with the TJ13 team for three years, but that was before the ‘judge’ began chasing away anyone who could formulate a straight sentence without saying ‘awsume’ in between, and then he drank his brain into a steaming pile of bio-hazardous bile. Exclusive stories from him often beat the the established media to the punch.

These days he just vomits into a file and hopes people like it. The RB story simply doesn’t add up. First of all, he claims, RB uses the Renault engine block. That’s the one part that’s fucked up beyond recognition. The only thing that works on the Renault-lump is the electric gimmickry and that summarily comes from Red Bull. So what could they contribute to a new engine that they haven’t contributed already?

You should lay off the booze, mate…

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What The Heck???

b89f86db9d3604653df8ae9088f0d23776990feeb4f29008e61b7a169c074254First and foremost, congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for his third World Title.

But that’s where my good will ends. Seriously, what in the name of all that’s holy…

He lamed to the title in a car that was so ridiculously superior, it makes Schumacher’s early 2000s titles look like an achievement. Granted, someone has to win the thing and like so many times before, 1992, 1993, 1998, 2000-2004, 2011, 2013, 2014 the one in the best car collected it with his finger up his nose.

But what’s with the “Britain, Britain über alles”? I seriously chuckled at the idea of what would have happened on Her Majesty’s Island, if Vettel would have gone on such a publicity bender in 2011 or 2013.

People always wonder why Hamilton is so unpopular in regions where people don’t have “small penis syndrome” because they didn’t accidentally lose a whole empire and are not forced to live on a perpetually cold island in the Atlantic Ocean driving on the wrong side of the road. Well, maybe, people are just not very fond of the “IN YOUR FACE” attitude that’s been going around lately.

I had a really jolly giggle reading the comment section on the Daily Fail website where people were slagged off for suggesting that Lewis Hamilton’s cringe-worthy appearance at a Mexican Wrestling event might have been a trifle silly. Seriously, do we need such stupidity?

In that regard I prefer the Häkkinens, Buttons, Schumachers and Vettels of this world. People who won the thing, collected the trophy, wrecked the hospitality area at Suzuka in a drunken stupor and went home without stuffing their nations glory down everyone’s throat afterwards.

And some people thought the finger was annoying…

Just to remind people, how it’s done properly …

First Step: pilfer Oliver Panis’ Toyota shirt and get hogwashly bladdered…



Second: topple the fridge



Third: Wreck the place


check, check…

And most importantly…

STFU the next day and get cracking on the next season and don’t pose in a run-down Mexican wrestling ring…

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