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The Sad Story Of a Project That Could Have Been

The Fat HippoIt all started in 2012.

The rather exciting Brazilian GP had just finished and Sebastian Vettel had scored his third title after running the whole GP in a car that technically was not supposed to finish in one piece. Soon we had ‘yellow flag gate’ during which everyone who hates Germans (read: The World) offered the accusation that Mr. Vettel had ignored a yellow flag and called for him and his family to be executed immediately.

What most people missed, was,  that there was an old-fashioned marshal post with a track side official in it weaving the green flag, much to the chagrin of the anti-Vettel brigade. Back then I was the first to point out that little detail in the comment section of a site called “The Judge13” and not too long later I was part of their team, writing articles and news and taking part in podcasts.

In theory it could have been a great idea.  The idea was to have a “site created by fans, for the fans”, which is what many people would like to see. Alas, it wasn’t going to happen, because basically it is just a perpetual wanking template for someone, who makes Ecclestone look humble. The “Chief Editor”, who also poses as “The Judge”, uses the site to push his own agenda and if you want to waste some valuable hours of your life on looking through the archive, you’ll notice that the whole agenda is to pour hate on Red Bull. Until 2 years ago he ran a site that scared the living daylights out of the likes of Joe Saward and James Allen. Now it’s just a waste bin for the incoherent drivel of a drunkard, helped by a bunch of hapless Americans who wouldn’t know a NASCAR from a Victorian ox-cart. So many hours of work wasted on helping an idiot. All the good writers have been chased away – Carlo, Jenny, BJF – all gone, supplanted by a rabid Hamfosi and some clueless people who think having pump guns and semi-automatic rifles at home is normal.

The idea is not yet dead, but it takes a better man than someone who thinks he’s god because he one was allowed into the paddock. The first thing we fans can do is vote with our feet. The pointless spectacle that is F1 these days can be ended if we stop watching it. I didn’t watch Suzuka, nor did I waste time on Putin-land. If viewer numbers plummet further, Mr. E, has to take note. That’s more effective than anything else.


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The Dirty Game Of The Manufacturers

 Until now it was only an abstract concept, but with every passing day the reality of Red Bull leaving F1 comes ever so slowly closer. Those with an axe to grind, those who think that a winning German driver is against the natural law of Britain, Britain über alles, will sit at home and rub their hands, singing their “good riddance” mantra ad nauseam, but no later than Melbourne next year they will realize that with Red Bull the last winning independent team will leave F1.

Without major stage-managing or a freak race like the 1997 European GP or the 1996 Monaco GP we will have two teams able to win for years to come, maybe interrupted by the odd McLaren win if Honda ever catches up. The whole Red Bull engine saga has shown that Mercedes, Ferrari and Honda decide who is how competitive. All three refuse to sell Red Bull their engines and the only reason is the fear of competition.

Williams, Sauber, Force India, Manor, Haas – they are all there just to fill the grid, knowing they can’t win, else they wouldn’t get the engines they have. The manufacturers decide, who can be in F1.

Renault’s takeover of Lotus will most likely never happen. Someone at Renault must have realized by now that they will never make that scrap heap competitive – not with the current regulations.

The big loser in all of this will be the fan. With three teams unlikely to be on the grid next year, the third cars are almost inevitably bound to be introduced. I can’t wait to see the shitstorm that will be Monza when the tifosi have to watch three AMG Mercedes drivers on the rostrum. Of course they could always rig one of the two or three wins that Merc throws Ferrari as a bone once in a while.

Not even the biggest fan of easy Hamilton wins, which make Vettel’s and Schumacher’s numerous wins look like hard work, can still maintain that the new engine formula is good for F1. It has shifted the power from FOM/FIA firmly into the hands of Sergio Marchione and Dieter Zetsche and looking at the devastated state F1 is in right now, it doesn’t look like a good thing.

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