Bernie Is Trying To Play His Old Games

18 Sep

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, they say. That is probably why Bernard E doesn’t even try. The bloke was around when the Romans buggered off, so he sticks to his old tricks.

I hate to admit it, but in one regard I agree with him. I hate the V6 turbo engines with a passion. Their costs have ruined several teams, they sound like Dysons and in evolutionary terms they are the Neanderthal – an evolutionary dead-end.

The problem is, that Bernard cannot jump off his good ol’ well-traveled path of divide and conquer, so the latest idea was to call his lap-dog Christian Sylt and before you know it, an article pops up in the Independent, which puts all the blame on Mercedes. Not only does he blame their dominance for the lack of new entrants, he also stipulates that Merc is so dominant because of an unfair advantage.

“The V6 is stopping other people that may want to be in Formula One from actually coming in because they think they have got to take on somebody who is doing a terrific job and try to beat them.

“The problem is Mercedes actually had a big, big start on anybody else because the guy who was there at that time was Ross Brawn and he was on the FIA working group with this engine, knew all about what the engine was going to be and Mercedes started working on this new engine before anybody knew there was going to be an engine change.”

I can’t believe I’m actually defending Mercedes, but Mr. E clearly shoots himself in the foot here. It’s not like Ross Brawn is someone whom people wouldn’t recognize. Why then was he allowed to work for one of the competitors? Or is this perhaps just another smoke screen from the Suffolk Toad.

No matter how you look at it, the problem seems to originate with FOM and FIA, not with Merc using any advantage they can get. Lern a few new tricks Bernie or get the hell out.

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